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Being dynamic, young and striving, Harvardy, Marieta & Mauren - Attorneys at Law always keep up to the ever-changing markets and regulations, ensuring the interests of each our client is protected. We maintain steadfast commitment to providing clients with excellent, responsive and effective services with an economical value.

Forward Thinking -
Continuously Improving -  
Globally Connected

We believe that in order to achieve our objective, we have to set certain core values to be implemented on a daily basis by our lawyers. Those values are: “forward thinking”, “continuously improving” and “globally connected”.

In order to implement “forward thinking” value, our lawyers provide legal services not only by strictly accommodating the legal aspects, but also the modern-day commercial and other aspects, thus enabling them to have wider perspectives and give the most effective solutions for our clients.

“Continuously improving” means that we are open to a dynamic changes not only based on ideas of the Firm Partners, but also our clients, associates, and staffs. Our team are driven to keep up ourselves with the ever-changing market, also to always providing constructive ideas or suggestions on legal or non-legal aspects in order to keep on improving.

To establish “globally connected” value, we have actively participated or held international activities and events so that we are exposed in international legal communities. The recent notable international event that we held is a joint-seminar by our firm with one of US-based international firms to give comprehensive strategy for in-house counsels in Indonesia to be effective in handling arbitration case. The members of the firm also actively participate in various international organisations and platform such as Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and Law Asia.

Introducing our new logo

In 2016, the firm which was formally known as “HMP Advocates” rebranded its identity as “Harvardy, Marieta & Mauren”. Along with the rebranding of our name, we introduced our new logo which is based on a ‘Kawung’ Batik pattern structured from the letter H+M+M.

Kawung is one of Batik patterns that has been developed for almost 12 (twelve) centuries. Kawung pattern is an old pattern from Java in the shape of sugar palm fruit stacked in place forming a square. The name and pattern of Kawung was taken from a type of fruit from a Palm Tree that has a white flesh behind its thick-hard skin. The peeled fruit looks just alike the pattern of Kawung that people knows until now.

History stated that there are several meaning behind the art of Kawung BatikSome of which are wisdom, self-composure, and a clean heart without any desire of arrogance. Batik with Kawung pattern was worn by the king and the family. It symbolizes justice and power.

Our Expertise

  • E-Commerce
  • Investment
  • General Corporate
  • General Insurance
  • General Litigations
  • Employment
  • Bankruptcy and Suspension of Payment
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Banking and Finance
  • Legal and Sworn Translation
  • Arbitration and Alternative Disputes Settlement
  • Anti Monopoly and Business Competition

Our New Expertise

  • Finance Technology (Fintech)
  • Mining, Power Plant, Energy and Renewable Energy

Our Team

Harvardy, Marieta & Mauren Advocates was established by three dynamic, outstanding professionals who
recognize the importance of establishing close personal relationship with each client. Our objective is to achieve a
high quality legal service while also commercially sensible, delivered in a timely and effective manner designed to
meet the best, most effective solutions for the client.

Meet Our Partners

Harvardy M. Iqbal

Harvardy M. Iqbal is the founding partner of HMM Attorneys specializing in litigation and alternative disputes settlement. He is a law graduate of Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta. Prior to establishing HMM Attorneys, he has worked with two prominent Indonesian law firms; KarimSyah Law Firm and Ignatius Andy Law >>more

Windri Marieta

Windri Marieta is the founding partner of HMM Attorneys. She specializes her practice areas in investment, e-commerce, financial technology, general corporate, merger and acquisition, family law, arbitration and alternative disputes settlement. She is a law graduate of Universitas Indonesia. Prior to strengthening HMM >>more

Sylvia Marisa Mauren

Sylvia Marisa Mauren is the founding partner of HMM Attorneys specializing in banking and finance and insurance. She is a law graduate of Universitas Indonesia. She started her career at DNC Advocates at Work where she assisted various mergers and acquisition, banking and finance and general corporate matters. In 2008, >>more

Meet Our Associates

Mayo Falmonti (IP Advisor)
Ebel Aston
Alifrian Fajri Aryuanda
Hans Peter Darmawan
Arif Sharon Simanjuntak
Aska Yosuki
Algy Tanadi
Ayu Nandini Prameswari
Risca Aulia Zahra
Sabiela Attamimya
Pritta Maharani Pribadi
Salma Indah Putri
Ramadhan Aufar Lazarus
M. Rifanda Irham (Legal Intern)

Introducing Our of Counsels

HMM Attorneys is also supported by several of-counsels who have extensive experiences and expertise in the following matters :

  1. International public and private law, climate finance, renewable energy, and environment.
  2. Mining and energy, plantation, power plant and infrastructure.
  3. Financial technology, banking and finance, investment, and TMT (Technology, Media and Telecom).

Update 13:44 - April 01, 2019

Memasuki tahun ke-20, HMM Attorneys menilai, sudah saatnya UU Arbitrase diamandemen untuk diharmonisasikan dengan praktik arbitrase secara global.   Sejak diundangkan pada tanggal 12 Agustus 1999 melalui UU No. 30 tahun 1999 tentang Arbitrase dan Alternatif Penyelesaian Sengketa (UU Arbitrase), arbitrase sebagai alternatif penyelesaian sengketa menjadi lebih diminati oleh kalangan pebisnis. Adanya kebutuhan bagi dunia […]

Update 20:42 - May 14, 2018

Ilustrasi: HGW Tak cukup dengan modal nilai akademik yang didapatkan dari kampus hukum. Seleksi meliputi aspek pengetahuan hukum, kemampuan berbahasa asing, keterampilan bernalar, dan kepribadian sekaligus. Survei yang Hukumonline dan Youth Manual lakukan kali ini tak hanya menggali informasi soal kampus-kampus hukum mana yang menjadi kampus hukum terfavorit dari firma hukum besar Indonesia. Survei juga […]

Update 20:13 - May 14, 2018

Acara Workshop Hukumonline yang bertajuk Digital Branding Strategy for Law, Selasa (27/2) lalu. Foto: HOL Untuk memperkuat taringnya di industri jasa hukum, sudah saatnya law firm lokal mendiferensiasi jasa yang ditawarkan melalui digital branding hingga membentuk divisi business development. Bruce Stachenfeld, Managing partner sebuah firma hukum terkemuka di kota New York mengungkapkan rahasia keberhasilan firma […]

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